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UK eSports players predicted to earn £3m this year

UK eSports

According to new data made by How to Become an eSports Champion, British eSports players could potentially earn more than £3m from prize winnings alone in 2019.

The eSports industry is growing in the UK and last year 600 UK players earnt a combined £2.17m from taking part in competitions. During 2018, the US was the highest earning nation, with over 30,000 eSports players earning a combined $28.4m.

Data has also predicted that by 2023 UK players will have earnt £20.2m from eSports, with £4.8m being earnt in that year alone.

The data was conducted by BetHut who claim to specialise in eSports predictions and have based their estimations detailed market data from the last 20 years.

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